About Deadhunt

Deadhunt is a first-person arcade shooter (FPS) game that merges the best features of arcade and FPS action games with fresh ideas and new twists.

The undead hordes seemed endless. Thousands of zombies and skeletons surrounded the last bastion of humankind. Many have fallen in Earth's final battle. With grim determination, the last warrior moved forward into the mass of bones. Without hope, without mercy. The day of reckoning has come. Survive as long as you can, kill as many as you can...

Remember those super addictive games from the past where you have to survive as long as possible against endless hordes of monsters? The longer you stay alive, the more perks and bonuses you get. By collecting items from slain monsters, you consistently develop your character.

Deadhunt will remind you of those good old games. However, it brings a brand new level of game play to the genre. Unlike the old 2D top-view style implementations, Deadhunt is a modern first person 3D-shooter game using all the power of modern 3D accelerators. The visual effects are brilliant. Realistic scenes create an atmosphere of doom and horror.

The game features an outstanding arsenal of firearms. Player can wear pistols, automatic guns, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, etc. Monsters usually carry swords and halberds, but they can choose from 20 different weapons. There are 50 different monsters divided into 3 main classes (zombies, skeletons and bugs). The models are very realistic. You can, for example, shoot off the sword-carrying hand of a monster. Crippled creatures will pursue you, trying for a knockout with its other hand.

In addition to 40 missions in 4 episodes, you can choose from two different game modes: "Survival" and "Greed". In the "Survival" mode, you simply need to get as many points as possible by killing monsters and gathering items. In the "Greed" mode, your score is zeroed if your character dies. You have to stop the game in the moment when you feel that death is inevitable.

Game Features

  • Non-stop adrenaline-pumping gameplay
  • 4 episodes with total of 40 missions
  • Two additional modes: Survival and Greed
  • Armed combat against multiple enemies
  • Three classes of monsters with 50 kinds of weapons
  • Unique system of monster destruction
  • Seven varieties of weapons plus grenades
  • 10 runes and 37 bonuses, including Slowdown, Double Damage, Nuke
  • Remote picking of bonuses, runes and weapons
  • 10 varieties of monsters' armor
  • 15 original soundtracks
  • Four difficulty levels


  Magazine: 10;
  Rate of Fire: Low;
  Damage: High;
  Move Speed: Very Fast;
  Feature: Can shoot through a monster and hit the one standing behind it.

  Magazine: 50;
  Rate of Fire: Very High;
  Damage: Low;
  Move Speed: Fast.

Assault Rifle
  Magazine: 30;
  Rate of Fire: High;
  Damage: Average;
  Move Speed: Average;
  Feature: Can shoot through a monster and hit the one standing behind it.

  Magazine: 8;
  Rate of Fire: Very Low;
  Damage: Very High;
  Move Speed: Average;
  Feature: Pellet dispersion.

Automatic Shotgun
  Magazine: 10;
  Rate of Fire: Average;
  Damage: High;
  Move Speed: Average;
  Feature: shot scattering.

  Magazine: 100;
  Rate of Fire: High;
  Damage: High;
  Move Speed: Very Slow.

Gauss Rifle
  Magazine: 5;
  Rate of Fire: Extremely Slow;
  Damage: Extremely High;
  Move Speed: Slow;
  Feature: A bullet shoots through all monsters on its way.


Big Healing
  Adds 50 hit points.

Small Healing
  Adds 20 hit points.

Score +1000
  Adds 1000 points.

Score +500
  Adds 500 points.

Score +250
  Adds 250 points.

Score +25%
  Increases by 25% all point you score within next 20 seconds.

  Picking this bonus results in a powerful explosion.

Double Damage
  Doubles damaging power of all your shots for 20 seconds.

  Increases your speed for 10 seconds.

Explosive Power
  Increases by 50% the burst radius of your grenades for 20 seconds.

  Adds one grenade in your ammo.

Infinite Ammo
  Enables you to shoot without reloading your weapons for 10 seconds.

  Slows down the in-game time and gives you infinite ammo for 4 seconds.

  Increases your damage resistance by 80% for 20 seconds.

Bonus Pack
  Restores 100 hit points, gives you 1000 bonus points and 2 grenades.

Battle Pack
  Increases your speed, damage resistance (50%) and damaging power (300%) for 20 seconds.

Close Combat
  Gives you a shotgun with infinite ammo and increases your damage resistance by 50% for 20 seconds.

Fast & Deadly
  Gives you a submachine gun and increases your speed for 20 seconds.

  Gives you a pistol and increases by 25% the number of points you score for 20 seconds.


Runes alter player and weapon features, and they last throughout the level. Since rune limit is rather strict, picking them up higgledy-piggledy wouldn't be a really wise decision. A collection of runes may depend on weapons or mission objectives. For instance, while playing with the gun you may want to pick up the speed runes; carrying the machine-gun, you may want to pick up the magazine size runes.

Maximum Health +50
  Increases the upper health limit by 50 hit points.

Health +25
  Increases the upper health limit by 25 hit points and restores 25 hit points.

Magazine +20%
  Increases the magazine capacity by 20% of the nominal.

Ammo Damage +15%
  Increases the damaging power of your shots by 15%.

Explosion Range +25%
  Increases the burst radius by 25%.

Defense +10%
  Decreases your damage by 10%.

Run Speed +3%
  Increases your run speed by 3%.

Score +20%
  Increases the number of points you score by 20%.